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9 Testimonials

Both my wife and I have been patients of doctor Jennifer Lee. My wife’s eye surgery as been an outstanding success. Her vision now is excellent. The result far exceeded her expectations. My eye problem is harder but Jennifer has demonstrated an effective and promising approach to improving my vision. We are both very glad that Jennifer is our eye doctor and think very highly of her skills and professional knowledge. She is an example of excellence that could serve as an example for all persons in the medical health care profession.

- Janusz Kowalik, Bothell, Washington

Dr Lee has been my doctor for over a year. During that time she treated a previsous cataract surgery done by another doctor and corrected some problems related to that. Due to a very bad experience, I was hesitant to have the second cataract removed. Dr Lee assured me that the second surgery result would be much better and it was. Evergreen Hospital provided a comfortable setting and Dre Lee’s gentle surgical skills has given me wonderful eyesight at age 80. She is always thourough and highly professional. I recommend her without reservation.

- Mary Ann Ziska

I have been going to Dr. Jennifer Lee since September 2006. The office staff have always been very pelasant and professial to me. I have had surgery for cataracts in both eyes and Dr. Lee put me at ease during both of these sureries. I would recommend Dr. Lee and her staff to anyone.

- Kay M Biederman, Kirkland, WA

To whom it may concern!! (which should include all with eyes!!) I feel obilated to write this true experience of my own. I have used glasses sicne I was forty years old, in my work as an accountant, and the final fifteen years as a senior Field Auditor on the road almost every day for the Government. In that perod of time purchased glasses from optomistris until around two years ago before my retirement, some 24 years ago. In those two eyars before retirement, I noted my eyes had deteriorated badly, and at that point sought out Ophthalmologist doctors to aide me. All of those years, all medical peole agreed that I had a serious problem, but gave me new glasses period. A little over two years ago, my doctors’ said they were unhappy with the medical plan I had so I had to change plans. I had my wife phone our medical plan, (secure horizons) which sent us to Doctor Jennifer Lee in in downtown kirkland, on central street. She accepted us, with not questions asked, and agreed with what the other doctors had told me, but she wanted me to come back so she could examin my eyes for a way to correct my problem. Dr Lee, was very interested in my case, so I did return faithfully! She did decide what to do, and then asked me for permission to do it, and when to do it, It was all up t o me. Sure, I told her to do it as soon as she could! Now at the age of 87 I am driving our care and don’t use any glasses at all. Everyone who thinks that they have an eye problem should see Dr. Jennifer Lee.

- Earl K Nelson Kirkland, WA

Dr Lee is the Best. She operated on my right eye and straighted it. It was like that for 60 years. Wow, what she can do!

-Donna Gossman Yuma, AZ

Dr Lee has a great personality and is very competent. I always have a very good experience when I see her.

- John Emerson

Dr Lee is a top notch professional at all times. The staff is great also!

- Frank F

I was referred to Dr. Le by my regular physician for “droping eyelids” (blepharoplasty). After checking her “credentials, “ I was impressed. I agreed to have her do the surgery and it was a total success. When I needed cataract surgery, I didn’t even consider any other doctor. I have just had both eyes done and rior to the first one I was absolutely terrified. Dr Lee eased my fears. I consider these surgeries to be a total success also. Dr Lee is a very compentent, capable, and compassionalte physician and surgeon. I recommend her highly—in fact, I have recommended her to family members.

- Brian Savage

Finally, someone who takes the time to truly listen, to empathise and to truly care. Jennifer is patient, understanding, and takes the time to fully explain issues, options, and implications. She instills confidence that she will find a comfortable workable solution for eye problems. Not only does she exude competence, but she is a genuinely nice person as well who you‘d be happy to call a friend. Plus she has wonderful help in the office with all being both friendly and efficient in managing all patient interactions. Might seem strange to say, but it is a pleasure to be a patient at Washington Pacific Eye Associates.

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