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Botox, or botulinum toxin, is a protein developed for medical and cosmetic use. Injection of botox effectively weakens muscles at the site of injection for around 3 months.


Involuntary eyelid twitching is a common occurrence for many patients. Typically it involves a spasm of a portion or entire eyelid, which can last for a few seconds to minutes or even throughout the day. This twitch is known as myokymia and is associated with a lack of sleep, increase in stress, or caffeine intake. Generally reducing stress, caffeine intake or getting more sleep will help resolve this condition. If the twitch is persistent or becomes more severe we call this blepharospasm. This condition can cause more pronounced lid twitching and can even cause the entire eyelid to fully close without any conscious control. This condition is often treated with botox injections to relax the muscles around the eye.


Botox injections can also help with wrinkles around the eyes-sometimes called “crow’s feet”, and furrows between the eyes. Injections relax the underlying muscles, smoothening the skin resulting in a younger, more youthful appearance. Injections are generally painless and take only a few minutes but the results will last for several months. We recommend having a skilled ophthalmologist perform the botox injections and target the correct muscles. Improper injections can cause the eye to not shut completely during blinking which may lead to dry and gritty eyes.

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